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Benefits of the e-Book

🥳 Work We Must but How: Discover in this eBook, the method of work that does not create Misery but Joy.

🔓 Personal Mastery: The key to success in any field is personal Mastery through daily Meditation.

👏 Zone - Happy or Else: This eBook provides insights from Akshara-Parabrahman Yoga, Elevate your operating Zone for exceptional productivity.

Health & Wellness: Utmost Importance. How to Achieve a Balance in achieving everything we want yet not loose Health.

💸 Relationship: The basis of our Happiness and misery. Learn, How this eBook helps you to apply Gita and have flourishing relationships?

and Of Course...

🪜Understand and Memorize Slokas: Simple techniques to Memorize and Applying Gita through this eBook.

To list a Few....

About Ganga Narayan Das

After working for 10 years in the corporate, decided to dedicate my life to Learn, Apply, Live and Teach Gita to solve People's problems, which all of us are facing. These solutions are fail proof and in-Depth.

I put the learning of Bhagvat Gita in this eBook, after undergoing rigorous training for about 7 years and practicing about 20 years, that comes as Sutras to rescue us from any Situation of life.

Reading, Understanding Bhagvat Gita is not Easy. What to speak of applying. I also went through same learning experience. So only decided to help and Transform People

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